Pasifika languages 2 - Gagana Sāmoa

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This intermediate level short course follows on from Gagana Samoa 1 and provides further skills in reading and speaking in Samoan. You’ll learn how to pronounce a range of Gagana Samoa with confidence and independence; participate and assist in facilitation of selected prayers and songs; recite introductions and respond appropriately to related questions; identify and understand a selection of cultural protocols; understand and produce basic language patters for specific settings. This is a 10 hour course that follows on from Gagana Sāmoa 1.

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How to apply

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Learning outcomes

  • Pronounce a selected range of Gagana Samoa with confidence and independence. E lē mana'omia tele se fesoasoani i le fa'aleoina le Gagana Sāmoa
  • Participate and assist in facilitation of selected prayers and songs E mafai na faitau/taulotoina tatalo ma pese māsani
  • Recite introduction and respond appropriately to related questions Fa'ataulotoina folasaga ma tali fesili e tatau i lau folasaga
  • Identify and understand a selection of cultural protocols E mālamalama le aganu'u faigōfie/māsani ma e iloa aga ma uiga e ala i le
  • Understand, and produce basic language patterns for an identified setting E mālamalama le fa'atulagaina fuai'upu faigōfie ma iloa le ese'esega ma ona fa'aogāina
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