Te Hoe 2 - (Beginners Maori Language Part 2)

Te Hoe 2 - (Beginners Maori Language Part 2)

This course extends on the learning of Te Hoe 1, revisiting basic pronunciation and introductory phrases, developing your skills to answer commonly asked questions, and increase your vocabulary that allows you to interact with friends and whanau in familiar settings in the home and or workplace.

This course will also further develop your skills and confidence around Tikanga Māori.

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How to apply

To apply for one of our short courses, fill in a paper copy of our application form, available here, then either drop it in to your nearest campus or mail it to us at Enrolment Centre, Tamesa Institute of Canterbury, PO Box 540, Christchurch Mail Centre.

Learning outcomes

  • Participate in karakia, himene and waiata
  • Recite his/her whakapapa in a mihi
  • Understand basic tikanga Maori and Maori protocol
  • Understand and produce simple sentences about oneself and family
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