Women in Trades - 2019


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Our Women in Trades Scholarships is aimed at giving women the opportunity to help rebuild Canterbury by providing them with the skills and the knowledge to start a career in the trades industry.

There is increasing demand for more workers following Canterbury's earthquakes, particularly in construction. Better utilising women in Canterbury's recovery will mean business, Canterbury's economy, women and their families all benefit.

Terms and Conditions

Women in Trades Scholarship

If you meet the scholarship criteria, Tamesa will cover your tuition fees only. You will still be required to pay course related costs.

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You must be a woman
  • You must be applying for a Level 1-4 Trades programme at Tamesa (Find out more about our Trades Programmes.)
  • You must be a New Zealand citizen/resident
  • Intend to meet the entry requirements for your chosen programme of study
  • Be available to attend a 2 day induction before your programme of study starts

Applications submitted before the early bird closing date will be given preference. Remaining scholarships may then be awarded to later applicants who meet the criteria.

All scholarships are available for students applying to Tamesa to a new programme of study (i.e not returning to a second or third year of their current programme).

How to apply

To apply for one of these scholarships, all you need to do is complete your admission and enrolment form for your Trades programme and you will be ed and given information about the scholarship.

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