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  1. Programme code: NCEP4T Level: 1 Credits: 2

    Get a hands-on introduction to the automotive industry.

  2. Programme code: CH3460 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Become proficient in spoken Japanese, master the three Japanese alphabets and gain knowledge of Japanese customs and society with our intensive one year certificate

  3. Programme code: AO3228 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Incorporates International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) Qualifications. Beauty therapy roles are varied, creative and in high demand. Employers are seeking trained therapists with the ability to walk into a new job and work with clients

  4. Programme code: CH3906 Level: 3 Credits: 60

    Take the first exciting step on your journey towards communicating in Japanese with this intensive 17-week programme designed to kick-start your language skills

  5. Programme code: NZ2869 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    This programme provides an introduction to creative thinking

  6. Programme code: NCEP4T Level: 2 Credits: 28

    Develop an understanding of the basic skills needed to start a career in the food processing sector.

  7. Programme code: NCEP4T Level: 2 Credits: 26

    This programme will provide an introduction to the beauty therapy industry.

  8. Programme code: NZ2343 Level: 4 Credits: 158

    Extend your joinery expertise to suit your employment circumstances.

  9. Programme code: NC5405 Level: 4 Credits: 171

    Acquire the professional skills and knowledge you need to apply for registration as a gasfitter with the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board.

  10. Programme code: AO3076 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Begin your career or personal experience in outdoor pursuits, education and recreation.