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  1. Programme code: G07011 Level: 5 Credits: 30

    Learn how to teach English to people of all ages, anywhere in the world.

  2. Programme code: NZ1842 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Learn the delectable art of baking the essential skills required to work in a commercial or boutique bakery.

  3. Programme code: CH3460 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Further your understanding of Japanese language and culture for employment, travel or advanced study.

  4. Programme code: CH3906 Level: 3 Credits: 60

    Learn to read, write and speak basic Japanese for employment, travel or further study.

  5. Programme code: NCEP4T Level: 2 Credits: 25

    Gain an introduction to the beauty therapy industry and skills for further study.

  6. Programme code: NZ2869 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Gain foundation skills for employment or further studies in creative environments.

  7. Programme code: NZ2343 Level: 4 Credits: 158

    Extend your joinery expertise to suit your employment circumstances.

  8. Programme code: CH3890 Level: 7 Credits: 60

    This part-time programme enables you to extend your knowledge and skills as a Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse, to further develop your career.

  9. Programme code: NZ2630 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Deliver on your design aspirations and learn the conceptual and construction skills needed to meet fashion industry expectations.

  10. Programme code: NZ2738 Level: 4 Credits: 320

    Develop your carpentry skills the qualities of organisation and motivation needed to thrive in a construction environment.