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  1. Programme code: CH3995 Level: 7 Credits: 120

    The world of business is constantly changing and with this the increased need for innovative thinkers and leaders to manage commercial challenges. Use this qualification to explore a career in change management

  2. Programme code: CH4043 Level: 7 Credits: 120

    This programme enables graduates to work with individuals and organisations to achieve identified outcomes in sports psychology, biomechanics and exercise physiology, and sporting excellence at all levels. This is a blended delivery programme,

  3. Programme code: CH3886 Level: 5 Credits: 120

    Turn your creative flair and interest in interior design into a career with our programme, studies include residential interior design, colour theory, kitchen and bathroom design and historical restoration

  4. Programme code: CH4001 Level: 7 Credits: 120

    Use your strong organisational skills and advance your appreciation of the procedures required to ensure production functions at optimum levels in this advance level qualification

  5. Programme code: CH4042 Level: 7 Credits: 120

    Further your interest in health promotion and physical activity with up-to-date industry knowledge.

  6. Programme code: NZ2416 Level: 6 Credits: 240

    Contribute to the shape of our built environment as an architectural technician

  7. Programme code: NZ2102 Level: 5 Credits: 120

    Acquire the advanced skills required to produce complex patisserie items and take a leading role in commercial kitchen environments

  8. Programme code: NZ2539 Level: 5 Credits: 120

    Equip yourself with management skills for the hospitality industry

  9. Programme code: CH4062 Level: 7 Credits: 120

    Develop your quantity surveying skills for a rapidly evolving industry

  10. Programme code: NZ2102 Level: 5 Credits: 120

    Gain the skills and expertise needed to produce advanced dishes and take a leading role in commercial kitchen environments