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  1. Programme code: NZ3089 Level: 3 Credits: 90

    Gain the skills needed to join the new standard in professionalism for heavy transport drivers.

  2. Programme code: NZ3045 Level: 3 Credits: 60

    Gain beginner Te Reo skills for everyday life and work.

  3. Programme code: NZ3047 Level: 5 Credits: 60

    Gain Te Reo skills for the workplace and the Maori-speaking community.

  4. Programme code: NZ2850 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Build on your knowledge and skills for the early childhood education sector.

  5. Programme code: NZ2490 Level: 5 Credits: 120

    Gain the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective part of the veterinary team, assisting veterinarians and veterinary nurses in clinical practice.