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  1. Programme code: CH4030 Level: 4 Credits: 160

    Develop your English language skills while working in the Christchurch community as volunteers and making friends in a work environment.

  2. Programme code: NZ2454 Level: 3 Credits: 60

    Gain the skills and knowledge needed to establish and operate a successful small business.

  3. Programme code: NZ2457 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Equip yourself for successful small business ownership.

  4. Programme code: NZ2462 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Gain the skills to contribute to the successful management of projects.

  5. Programme code: NZ2456 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Acquire the skills to manage staff and workflows effectively.

  6. Programme code: NZ2453 Level: 3 Credits: 48

    Lead teams to perform effectively and achieve business objectives.

  7. Programme code: NZ2461 Level: 4 Credits: 60

    Take a leading role in office administration.

  8. Programme code: CH4066 Level: 8 Credits: 60

    Gain the expertise needed to supervise others effectively in professional contexts.

  9. Programme code: G07011 Level: 5 Credits: 30

    With a University of Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) qualification you can teach English as an additional language to people of all ages, anywhere in the world

  10. Programme code: NZ1842 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Learn the delectable art of baking the essential skills required to work in a commercial or boutique bakery.