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This course provides an in-depth review of adult disease management, its impact on health care provision and the need for integrated care across all health disciplines and services. Students will reflect on disease management as a complete, rather than fragmented, approach to care, with an emphasis on risk assessment and early intervention that focuses on reducing morbidity in individuals with chronic illness.

Teaching and learning approaches in the course allow students to examine disease management from their own professional, clinical, contextual and service orientations, thus allowing them to develop clinical and professional leadership skills commensurate with their scope and level of clinical practice.

This course also forms part of Nurse Practitioner preparation for those students seeking endorsement with the New Zealand Nursing Council.

Learning outcomes

Examine the global trends in disease presentation and management, identifying the similarities and differences of these to the New Zealand context.

Examine the interrelatedness between acute and chronic disease processes and their impact on service cost and provision.

Explore the cyclical relationship between chronic illness and the social determinants of health and their impact on the individual, their family, the community and the nation.

Examine the essential role that primary health care plays in reducing the morbidity of chronic illness.

Understand the epidemiology of chronic illness across the lifespan with particular reference to younger adults and older adults as the two vulnerable populations affected by a changing trend in chronic illness.

Explore models of care that support long term care delivery.

Assess, plan and manage common clinical presentations using evidence based frameworks to inform practice in the provision of integrated and individualised care within the legal, ethical and professional boundaries of practice.

Provide clinical leadership in evaluating, auditing and developing clinical policy that supports access, equity and quality of care in disease management within the New Zealand Health Care framework and the Treaty of Waitangi.


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