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Trains students to produce a Presentation Graphic in computer display, or printed format using computer graphics software (eg Autodesk VIZ or equivalent) from a design created in a technically based CAD application.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and define current graphic and CAD file standards and formats
  • Select, justify and use graphic file and display formats to demonstrate interoperability between CAD and Presentation applications
  • Apply modelling techniques to a variety of basic 3D applications to meet design and technical parameters
  • Enhance their 3D models with the use of creative presentation tools
  • Analyse and apply the processes of capturing audio and video, specifying and using the necessary hardware and software, for utilisation within animated presentations
  • Develop and implement audiovisual editing techniques to produce coherent animated presentations
  • Investigate and define model motions and apply animation tools to create credible object actions
  • Identify, manage and plan the process necessary for efficiently producing the output necessary to create an animation (e.g. network rendering)
  • Efficiently create an animated image series in accordance to a prescribed brief
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