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To give students the opportunity to work with colleagues in the eCommerce and ICT industry; to design, implement and evaluate an appropriate piece of work. To ensure that students have the opportunity to tie together the learning and experience from their different areas of study, in an industrial environment. To ensure students have the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively

Learning outcomes

Prepare and present a project proposal that meets the needs of their client

Complete the assigned project to the specification of the project proposal, or document and defend issues that have precluded its completion

Explain and critically evaluate the processes of review and transformation that their project has undergone

Produce a substantive report that covers all aspects of the course, providing sufficient evidence to show the level of accomplishment of assessed components in the course, and providing a sound analysis of their performance in each of these areas. Describe in detail the project management, quality assurance programme and risk management programme that they used for this course, and explain the ways in which these have benefited or impeded their progress in the course. Evaluate the content of the courses that provided preparation for this course and recommend variations in this material that would have better supported CE330. Identify the main areas of learning that have occurred throughout the course.

Present a verbal summary of their course work of up to 20 minutes to the assessment panel followed by a discussion of issues raised by the panel members


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