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  • Demonstrate advanced practical knowledge of the effect of the installation of service lines and appliances to building construction.
  • Demonstrate advanced practical understanding of natural and mechanical installations for heating and ventilation.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of design processes, planning and drawing interpretation for the purposes of directing staff in plumbing and gasfitting work.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of applied science as it affects design of installations for plumbing and gasfitting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and carry out safety and safety procedures for carrying out plumbing and gasfitting.
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of plumbing and gasfitting techniques of workmanship and technology including the testing of installations and materials.
  • Demonstrate ability and knowledge towards the efficient running of a business.
  • Demonstrate understanding of and apply knowledge of legislation relating to running a business, employing staff and relating to Government and local bodies.
  • Demonstrate the application of the principles of industrial relations.

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