If you are planning to study Music Arts at Tamesa, you will be required to audition.

If your application is successful, you will be ed to arrange an audition time.
Auditions for will take place in Christchurch from 1 -3 October and 3 – 5 December 2018.

Please download and complete the Music Arts audition application pack and either the domestic admission and enrolment form, or the international admission and enrolment form.

Audition information

Theory and notation

On the beginning of your audition you will be asked to complete a short written test. This is to establish your knowledge of: key signatures; note names; rhythmic notation and chord spelling.


In your aural examination you will be asked to: sing back a melody; identify intervals; identify major and minor chords, and clap back a rhythm.

Instrument skills

Tonal instrumentalists and vocalists will be asked to demonstrate: major or minor scales; sight read a single line melody; identify either arpeggiate chords (notes played one at a time) or chords (e.g. trios).

Drummers will be asked to demonstrate: single stroke rolls (slow to fast); double stroke rolls (slow to fast); single strokes subdivided into: triplets at MM=160 or 16ths at MM=138; flams and flam accents.


For the performance examination, you'll need to prepare 12 bars of blues music to play or sing. You will need to consider the use of backing music, either recorded or accompanying musicians. Piano, drums and amps will be provided.

The second piece is you'll need to perform is a choice between Jazz or Contemporary styles. The Jazz performance should be performed in a jazz style with the melody and several choruses of improvisation over the form of the tune. Bassists should show the ability to play a walking line, and guitarists and pianists need to show chord changes over a chorus.

The contemporary piece of your choice should demonstrate techniques and performance skills.

Watch our audition videos for: orgy