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    2 Dec 2016: A portfolio of creative work is required with an application for admission to the Bachelor of Architectural Studies, and it is to your advantage to take the time to present yourself well. You must provide a portfolio demonstrating design, graphic

  2. Course code: HSS305 Credits: 10.0|4|3|5

    30 Aug 2016: To develop knowledge and skills and undertake limited reception duties including appointment making, maintaining appointment systems, home hair care sales and maintenance; and retail of displays

  3. Course code: ASSE500 Credits: 15.0

    3 May 2015: To enable students to understand the role of the sports scientist in enhancing sports performance.

  4. Course code: NDBS406 Credits: 6.0|6

    4 May 2015: Students will be able to: explain why workplace accidents need to be reported and investigated; explain the concepts of multiple causation and root-cause analysis; detail an incident investigation process using a hypothetical incident; and produce

  5. Course code: APHD301 Credits: 5.0|5

    20 Apr 2015: To select and recommend products for a variety of hair types.

  6. Course code: AD327CC Credits: 4.0

    22 Aug 2012: To provide students with the knowledge and skills required to: |Document business transactions for the sale and purchase of goods and services

  7. Course code: AEIT300 Credits: 10.0

    11 Dec 2013:

  8. Course code: ASCM511 Credits: 15.0

    16 Dec 2013: To enable students to develop communication knowledge and skills and apply it in a scientific context.

  9. Course code: BCPR286 Credits: 15.0

    2 Apr 2015: To develop student competence in a programming language To provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to both develop and maintain commercially relevant programs, and follow them through to implementation. To have the

  10. Course code: BPAE306 Credits: 20.0

    15 Dec 2013: This course provides skills and knowledge to carry out repairs in automotive wiring and lighting systems.