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  1. Course code: SPRT311 Credits: 15.0

    17 Mar 2015: To provide students with the introductory skills and knowledge that will enable them to plan and deliver coaching and training sessions to individuals and groups. To enable students to develop effective communication skillls for working with groups

  2. Course code: BSOE505 Credits: 15.0

    27 Jul 2012: To examine and apply foundation principles to Outdoor Education.

  3. Course code: DVPF521 Credits: 30.0

    27 Jul 2012: The aim of this course is to introduce students to a range of fundamental digital production and post-production skills: camera, sound, lighting, editing, still image manipulation, vector graphics, compositing and motion graphics.

  4. Course code: EAL434 Credits: 40.0

    24 Jul 2012: To enable students to develop English language examination skills for external examinations.

  5. Course code: GCCL700 Credits: 5.0

    20 Nov 2013: The aim of this course is for Registered Nurses to develop an understanding of clinical supervision from a range of perspectives. The course will focus on the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee as a context within which professional

  6. Course code: GCPY700 Credits: 2.0

    31 Jul 2012: The aim of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to extend their current knowledge and skills in performing comprehensive service based psychiatric assessments and developing formulations and provisional diagnoses.

  7. Course code: HMAM502 Credits: 22.0

    27 Jul 2012: The aim of this course is to demonstrate knowledge of service provision,financial control and accomodation operational management in a commercial accomodation enviroment. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups, explain group

  8. Course code: BMWA500 Credits: 15.0

    24 Sep 2014: To create an awareness of the importance of culture as a critical component in the delivery of midwifery care. |To introduce students to contemporary analyses of gender and power in relation to ethnicity, sexuality, body image, personal relationships

  9. Course code: ELGN306 Credits: 5.0

    13 Aug 2015: To enable learners to read and understand a range of practical texts on familiar topics

  10. Course code: ELGN307 Credits: 5.0

    13 Aug 2015: To enable learners to read and understand a range of explanatory texts on familiar topics