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  1. Course code: NZSB404 Credits: 15.0

    30 Oct 2016: To enable students to manage staff and human resource processes for a small business.

  2. Course code: PESF203 Credits: 6.0

    19 Nov 2012: This course is designed to enable students to gain the underpinning knowledge and skills to communicate with other staff in the Electricity Supply industry.

  3. Course code: BNSN500 Credits: 5.0

    28 Nov 2012: The aim of this course is for the student to develop foundational nursing skills and knowledge.

  4. Course code: YGHS202 Credits: 9.0|2|4|2|1

    16 Oct 2016: This course will enable the student to understand the structure and the roles of health and disability, and social services agencies within New Zealand; and identify health and disability and social services resources available to their own

  5. Course code: YTHS201 Credits: 14.0|2|3|4|5

    16 Oct 2016: To enable students to explore the need for health and social services in New Zealand.

  6. Course code: BIAN701 Credits: 15.0

    26 Nov 2012: This course is intended to develop knowledge of neuroanatomy, its physiology and common pathologies that may be encountered in the imaging situation by the MRT.

  7. Course code: BSIP500 Credits: 15.0

    25 Jun 2012: This course will allow the social work student to develop an understanding of psychology including personality, cognition, behaviour, emotion, identity, culture and interpersonal relationships. The contribution this knowledge base makes to social

  8. Course code: CPMB150 Credits: 5.0

    20 Jun 2012: Trains students about basic concepts of Project Management (eg Gantt charts, critical paths) that are useful in a business or design. Basic project plans are created and managed context using Microsoft Project software.

  9. Course code: CSEM101 Credits: 0.0

    25 Jun 2012: The aim of this course is to enable women to expand the possibilities in their life by living more effectively.

  10. Course code: DCPM730 Credits: 15.0

    25 Jun 2012: Focuses on managing the design process by applying specific concepts from project management and strategic management.