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  1. Course code: NURS801 Credits: 30.0

    24 Nov 2016: This course will enable you to further develop your comprehensive interviewing, physical examination and diagnostic reasoning skills for advanced nursing practice.

  2. Course code: NURS809 Credits: 30.0

    24 Nov 2016: This course aims to allow the student to develop a conceptual understanding of pharmacology and therapeutics by building a foundation of knowledge of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. This

  3. Course code: TOSD300 Credits: 15.0

    17 Nov 2016: To enable students to understand the structure of the travel and tourism industry in New Zealand.

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    20 Jan 2017: Studentsafe Medical Risk Assessment Form. This Studentsafe insurance is issued and managed by AWP Services New Zealand Limited trading as Allianz Global Assistance and is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited trading as Allianz New

  5. Course code: BADE701 Credits: 30.0

    30 Oct 2013: To develop the theory and practice of the design of architecture.

  6. Course code: BULD085 Credits: 10.0

    15 Nov 2016: Students will learn about and apply knowledge and skills in relation to site supervision duties and quality assurance procedures for a construction site operation.

  7. Course code: BULD086 Credits: 17.0

    15 Nov 2016: Students will learn about and apply a range of personal skills relevant to supervision in a construction related content.

  8. Course code: EAL436 Credits: 40.0

    24 Jul 2012: To extend students in all areas of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing. To extend students' abilities and confidence in learning through English.

  9. Course code: RETL315 Credits: 15.0|4|4|3|4

    20 Jul 2015: Students are able to demonstrate and apply knowledge of legislation applicable to sale of goods and services; demonstrate product knowledge; explain legal definitions and consequences of theft and fraud; and implement loss prevention policies and

  10. Course code: VPMT248 Credits: 4.0|2

    15 Nov 2016: To introduce students to the Mechanical Engineering industry and allow them to make an informed decision of a future study pathway.