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  1. Course code: RETL303 Credits: 15.0

    25 Aug 2013: To demonstrate knowledge and apply skills in a retail environment in the following areas: stock control, workplace safety, product knowledge, telephone sales

  2. Course code: CMILVF12 Credits: 3.0|3

    28 Sep 2015: To demonstrate knowledge of petrol fuel systems

  3. Course code: CTI14 Credits: 8.0

    23 Feb 2016: To enable students to explain the basic principles, terminology and techniques used for word-processing, PowerPoint and Publisher and apply the basic principles and terminology of these and their associated techniques and functions to produce

  4. Course code: DAB51011 Credits: 20.0

    24 Feb 2016: Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in law relevant to business

  5. Course code: DE5413 Credits: 15.0

    6 Mar 2013: To develop an understanding of electrical power system fault protection concepts and practices.

  6. Course code: DE6410 Credits: 15.0

    4 Nov 2014: To provide understanding of power generating systems, sources of energy and equipment used in modern electricity generating plants.

  7. Course code: DTI14 Credits: 14.0

    23 Feb 2016: To provide an overview of the tourism industry ,