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  1. Course code: YTHS204 Credits: 16.0|3|4|4|5

    16 Oct 2016: To enable students to explore contemporary issues within a Health and Social Services setting.

  2. Course code: CHST400 Credits: 15.0

    13 Jun 2012: This course will enable students to explore their understanding of the wide range of structures, organisations and delivery systems of social services in Aotearoa New Zealand, and to present their findings.

  3. Course code: NDOS500 Credits: 7.0

    14 Jun 2012: To provide students with a knowledge of operating systems and an ability to perform basic tasks in both a single user and a multi user operating system

  4. Course code: NFLM433 Credits: 3.0

    21 Jun 2012: People credited with this unit standard are able toexamine a problem-solving model, explain problem-solving techniques, and match problem-solving techniques to specific situations.

  5. Course code: NZME310 Credits: 15.0

    5 Oct 2016: To enable students to gain an operational knowledge of welding and fabrication.

  6. Course code: NZME320 Credits: 15.0

    5 Oct 2016: To enable students to create basic products using simple fitting and machining techniques.

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    19 May 2017: Attachment to: APP504 Regulations Governing Admission, Enrolment and Withdrawal Guidelines for Pro Rata Enrolment 16/05/17 APP504e Page 1 of 2. Academic Policies &Procedures Academic Procedures – Document APP504e. Guidelines for Pro Rata Enrolment.

  8. Course code: BCCS354 Credits: 15.0

    29 Sep 2013: To plan, implement and maintain a corporate mail and firewall system.

  9. Course code: CNND400 Credits: 10.0

    25 Jun 2012: This course introduces the student to nurse assistant nursing as it sits within nursing as a discipline. Students will be provided with information about the historical, legal, ethical and cultural influences on the development of nursing. The role

  10. Course code: CPCCEEY Credits: 2.0

    19 Nov 2015: To provide students with a basic overview of the early childhood education system