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  1. Course code: NURS804 Credits: 30.0

    24 Nov 2016: This course provides an in-depth review of adult disease management, its impact on health care provision and the need for integrated care across all health disciplines and services. Students will reflect on disease management as a complete, rather

  2. Course code: AELE595 Credits: 10.0

    27 Feb 2012: To deliver numeracy skills development for adult learners.

  3. Course code: BSOE506 Credits: 15.0

    27 Jul 2012: To identify, gain and enhance the skills necessary to be a competent role model for beginner groups in well formed track environments. To plan, prepare, and participate safely in peer wilderness tramp expeditions (in formed and unformed track

  4. Course code: CAHET12 Credits: 4.0|4

    16 Nov 2016: This course covers the basic understanding and operation of manual transmissions

  5. Course code: CECSAEFW13 Credits: 10.0|5|3|4|4|4

    18 Nov 2016: To augment classroom learning with workplace observation and experience

  6. Course code: CECSSECC13 Credits: 30.0|4|2|3|4|1|1|2

    18 Nov 2016: To meet the minimum standards requirement for a Comprehensive First Aider;
    To gain the knowledge and capabilities to ensure best practice for health and safety, hygiene, good health and nutrition needs in early childhood;
    To gain basic

  7. Course code: GCET700 Credits: 5.0

    20 Nov 2013: This course explores traditional and contemporary ethical theories and their application in the nursing practice setting. The impact of personal and professional values, tacit experiential knowledge and hegemonic influences on practice will be

  8. Course code: WPCE401 Credits: 30.0

    23 Jul 2015: To enable students to prepare, cook and present items in commercial kitchens.

  9. Course code: WPCE402 Credits: 30.0

    23 Jul 2015: To enable students to cook and serve items for service to customers.

  10. Course code: WPCE403 Credits: 30.0

    23 Jul 2015: To enable students to prepare, cook and finish a variety of food items.