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    17 Aug 2018: All policies on the Tamesa InfoWeb are the current version. Please check date of this hard copy before proceeding Acceptable Use and Conduct for ICT Users 15/03/18 CPP114. Page 1 of 2. Corporate Policies &Procedures General Administration – Document

  2. Course code: BMCP700 Credits: 60.0

    3 Aug 2014: To enable the student to consolidate their midwifery skills, knowledge and professional behaviour within the Midwifery Scope of Practice by working alongside a midwife who is providing continuity of care to women as a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). |To

  3. Course code: CMPT201 Credits: 47.0

    1 Jul 2012: This course covers the practical skills and knowledge required by masonry workers in relation to health and safety, laying bricks and blocks on site.

  4. Course code: CSSS300 Credits: 5.0

    14 Jun 2012: This course enables students to plan, design and produce computer spreadsheet documents to solve a business problem.

  5. Course code: ESBN100 Credits: 0.0

    16 Aug 2017: This course covers the prescribed outcomes detailed in the Electricity Regulations 1997. It includes theory and practical skills that will ensure your understanding of the knowledge requirements of an Electrical Service Technician. Under the

  6. Course code: HMIC401 Credits: 22.0

    14 Jun 2012: The aim of this course is to handle communication in challenging situations in both a personal and formal enviroment.

  7. Course code: MG5026 Credits: 15.0

    20 Nov 2015: To provide students with an introduction to the principles and applications of industrial instrumentation and control techniques.

  8. Course code: MG6031 Credits: 15.0

    20 Nov 2015: To provide students with knowledge to apply instrumentation and control analysis and design tools to the solution of industrial control problems.

  9. Course code: CITE404 Credits: 15.0

    20 Apr 2016: To enable students to use essential knowledge and concepts of software development to develop basic software applications

  10. Course code: DWEB502 Credits: 15.0

    20 Apr 2016: To enable students to be able to create professional website project specifications