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  1. Course code: PEEF432 Credits: 16.0

    9 Apr 2013:

  2. Course code: BSIC500 Credits: 15.0

    8 May 2012: This course will enable the social work student to develop interpersonal communication knowledge and skills that enable them to work with users of social services. Included will be working with diversity and difference using a personal, professional,

  3. Course code: DTLT503 Credits: 10.0

    12 Jun 2012: To develop an understanding of the principles of design for learning: planning, assessing, delivery and evaluation of learning activities, lessons, topics and courses. Participants will practice the skills of designing learning experiences which

  4. Course code: DTLT606 Credits: 15.0

    12 Jun 2012: To apply the principles from DTLT503, Design for Learning 1 in an authentic course design context.

  5. Course code: RCCC32 Credits: 21.0|4|3|4|3|1|2|3|1

    7 Jun 2015: To develop the core skills that will enable a person to be productive within a work team from commencement of employment.

  6. Course code: VPMT292 Credits: 5.0|5

    14 Jul 2017:

  7. Course code: BSPR700 Credits: 30.0

    25 Jun 2012: At the end of this course students will have performed a scientific investigation, performed appropriate analyses and presented their findings in a written report.

  8. Course code: CASS100 Credits: 10.0

    2 Apr 2013: To provide students with the skills and knowledge required for successful tertiary study. To ensure they receive appropriate pastoral care and career advice to assist them in personal decision making and to build independence in their learning

  9. Course code: CSIC300 Credits: 10.0

    3 May 2012: To enable the student to understand and develop skills and strategies for effective interpersonal communication.

  10. Course code: CTCA215 Credits: 42.0

    9 Apr 2013: