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  1. Course code: DAB54111 Credits: 20.0

    24 Feb 2016: Students will have a working knowledge of fundamental marketing concepts relevant to contemporary organisations

  2. Course code: DQMS600 Credits: 15.0

    8 Nov 2017: To enable the student to assemble and measure schedules of quantities for services and civil engineering work from project information.

  3. Course code: NZFB400 Credits: 15.0

    28 Jul 2016: To enable students to demonstrate an understanding of effective and efficient manufacturing principles and processes in the industry with an emphasis on sustainability

  4. Course code: NZFN110 Credits: 10.0

    28 Jul 2016: To enable students to demonstrate introductory level engineering principles in the applied setting

  5. Course code: NZFW460 Credits: 15.0

    28 Jul 2016: To enable students to gain proficient operational and theoretical knowledge of processes, principles and codes/standards of practice in finishing in the welding and fabrication industry

  6. Course code: VPMT305 Credits: 1.0|1

    29 Feb 2016:

  7. Course code: YGCI204 Credits: 14.0|2|2|5|6

    24 Feb 2016: To introduce students to the construction industry and allow them to make an informed decision of a future pathway

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    28 Feb 2015: C ri. tic al. A ct. s. 166. References. Baraka, Amiri. (1968) 1998. “The Changing Same (R&B and the New Black Music).”In Black Music, 180– 211. New York: William Morrow. Reprint, New York: Da Capo. Brooks, Daphne. 2006. Bodies in Dissent:

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    22 Feb 2018: JazzQuest Competition Entry Form Combo Band name:. School(s) represented:. Teacher in charge:. Contact details:. Email:. Phone (day): Evening:. I have read and agreed to the conditions of entry. Please refer overleaf for payment options. Signed: Date

  10. Course code: DAM508 Credits: 15.0

    23 Feb 2016: To extend the student's specialised knowledge and understanding of object construction techniques and processes through the investigation of art/design and construction practices. To further develop the students' technical skills, and ability to