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  1. Programme code: NCEP2T Level: 2 Credits: 63

    This two-day taster programme explores the hands-on skills required for MIG welding, collision repair, machine and hand tool operation and general engineering tasks, enabling you to make an informed decision about your future study and career

  2. Programme code: NCEP4N Level: 2 Credits: 18

    You will gain practical hands-on experience using digital communication, and office equipment, and learn the art of successful customer service.

  3. [PDF]

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    16 May 2017: All policies on the InfoWeb are the current version. Please check date of this hard copy before proceeding. Naming and Awarding 3/05/17 APP503 Qualifications and Recognising Achievement Page 1 of 11. Academic Policies &Procedures Academic Procedures

  4. Course code: AEEI200 Credits: 17.0

    11 Dec 2013:

  5. Course code: HPSL100 Credits: 15.0|3|2|4

    26 Feb 2015: This course of study is to provide for Schools 'Hospitality Supported Learning' for the transition of students with disabilities into the workplace. |Exposure to the general Hospitality course through the Canterbury Tertiary College will allow

  6. Course code: NC1676 Credits: 7.0|7

    12 Jan 2016: To investigate the cultural requirements of specified plants, and select plants for specific conditions, uses and sites

  7. Course code: RTPC102 Credits: 3.0|3

    12 Jan 2016:

  8. Course code: RTSR202 Credits: 3.0|3

    12 Jan 2016:

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    24 Oct 2017: Department of Nursing, Midwifery &Allied Health. Programme code: NZ2992 Programme name: NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 4 (Social and Community Services). Applying for: Full time Part time (please circle). Strands: Social Services

  10. Course code: TOCR400 Credits: 15.0

    7 Jun 2016: To enable students to identify, maintain and develop relationships with potential clients using effective communication strategies.