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  1. Course code: MAOR023 Credits: 0.0

    26 Jun 2012: To provide learners with the opportunity to learn about Ngai Tahu history, food gathering traditions, reo and tikanga through living collectively on the land as whanau.

  2. Course code: WORK102 Credits: 0.0

    8 Jul 2015: The aim of this course is to show the student the most successful ways of finding and getting a job.

  3. Course code: YGBC202 Credits: 11.0

    31 Jul 2014: To enable students to explore career pathways through painting, plasterboard, plumbing, joinery and carpentry trades.

  4. Course code: DFDD502 Credits: 15.0

    3 Jul 2012: To further develop conceptual and practical skills in producing developed design ideas together with expanded knowledge and the analysis of design elements and principles.

  5. Course code: CPCCHMLS Credits: 6.0

    19 Nov 2015: To provide students with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage a family home and support themselves as a parent

  6. Programme code: CH4060 Level: 7 Credits: 360

    Become a sought-after professional in the construction industry.

  7. Programme code: CH4030 Level: 4 Credits: 160

    Study intensive English full time and improve your fluency, accuracy and expand your vocabulary through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  8. Programme code: NC1414 Level: 4 Credits: 103

    Advance your automotive skills with our comprehensive programme which covers all practical and administrative aspects of repair and refinishing.

  9. Programme code: NC1422 Level: 4 Credits: 132

    You will graduate as a completely capable and qualified technician with our certificate giving you in-depth automotive training.

  10. Programme code: NZ2490 Level: 5 Credits: 120

    Gain the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective part of the veterinary team, assisting veterinarians and veterinary nurses in clinical practice