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  1. Course code: HPSL100 Credits: 15.0|3|2|4

    26 Feb 2015: This course of study is to provide for Schools 'Hospitality Supported Learning' for the transition of students with disabilities into the workplace. |Exposure to the general Hospitality course through the Canterbury Tertiary College will allow

  2. Course code: NC1676 Credits: 7.0|7

    12 Jan 2016: To investigate the cultural requirements of specified plants, and select plants for specific conditions, uses and sites

  3. Course code: RTPC102 Credits: 3.0|3

    12 Jan 2016:

  4. Course code: RTSR202 Credits: 3.0|3

    12 Jan 2016:

  5. Course code: TOCR400 Credits: 15.0

    7 Jun 2016: To enable students to identify, maintain and develop relationships with potential clients using effective communication strategies.

  6. Course code: TOSE400 Credits: 15.0

    7 Jun 2016: To enable students to participate in an industry travel experience by applying workplace practices required of the travel industry including self-management, teamwork and compliance.

  7. Course code: BADS610 Credits: 32.0

    22 Sep 2011: This studio will specifically target the architectural technology students to provide a studio environment for the development of understanding of the methodology, techniques and processes in the production of presentation, and technical drawings.

  8. Course code: DVIP623 Credits: 30.0

    27 Jul 2012: This course allows each student to work independently on a significant project that will help showcase their skills to future employers and/or clients. With guidance from tutors the student will decide the nature of the project: usually a short film,

  9. Course code: HFWE301 Credits: 15.0

    22 Sep 2011: The aim of this course is to work effectively as part of a team to provide a positive customer experience in a commercial hospitality enviroment.

  10. Course code: HMBS402 Credits: 18.0

    27 Jul 2012: To build broad product knowledge of beverages together with the necessary skills to provide efficient beverage service in a range of hospitality contexts. (restuarant, cafes, and bars).