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  1. Course code: BNKN602 Credits: 15.0

    8 Mar 2018: To enable students to gain knowledge relevant to safe and effective nursing practice in a physical healthcare environment, throughout the lifespan.

  2. Course code: DCMHSMHA Credits: 20.0

    12 Jan 2016: This paper is an introduction to the broad field of mental health and addictions. Students will consider the medical model, Maori mental health and the Strengths model approach within the context of Aotearoa New Zealand

  3. Course code: LPPD301 Credits: 15.0

    22 Sep 2011: The aim of this course is further develop communication and team work in the workplace, personal development through self reflection, personal management and career development.

  4. Course code: NCGS16718 12 Credits: 5.0|5

    11 Jan 2016: Students will be able to explain the scope of the Land Transport Dangerous Goods Rule 2005; transport procedures and responsibilities; requirements for documents; dangerous goods in limited quantities; consumer commodities and small packages;

  5. Course code: NCHL20558 Credits: 10.0|10

    12 Jan 2016: To provide students with knowledge and skills to manage stock plants; select and prepare cutting material for nursery crops; manage the propagating environment; harden off rooted cuttings; and keep records of propagation by cuttings

  6. Course code: RESH732 Credits: 15.0

    14 Apr 2014: To provide students with the opportunity to investigate an aspect of the target society and culture while developing skills in conducting and reporting research.

  7. Course code: CAHEF12 Credits: 8.0|2|2|4

    16 Nov 2016: This course covers fuel systems in heavy automotive engineering

  8. Course code: NZSB402 Credits: 15.0

    30 Oct 2016: To enable students to monitor and improve business performance and manage technology for a small business.

  9. Course code: BPAE301 Credits: 20.0|4|2|4|3|4|2|3

    4 Feb 2015: This course is designed to equip people with automotive related engineering skills and knowledge of vehicle transmissions and final drives.

  10. Course code: BSOE605 Credits: 15.0

    27 Jul 2012: To develop knowledge of the core and contemporary issues of professional practice. To demonstrate learning in the context of education for sustainability and outdoor education.