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  1. Course code: BDPH611 Credits: 15.0

    15 Sep 2015: To create photographic illustrations by utilising digital constructed images, visual narratives and set design to extend the learners' understanding of their audience and the construction of narrative.

  2. Course code: BRMS600 Credits: 15.0

    11 Nov 2014: To enable students to further develop their knowledge and application of medical imaging science while extending understanding through the analysis of other imaging modalities. |To introduce students to appropriate research methodologies.

  3. Course code: DAM507 Credits: 15.0

    23 Feb 2016: To develop the student's practical skills and understanding of a selected range of object design processes through the exploration of art/design and construction practices within the context of three-dimensional studio projects. To foster student's

  4. Course code: HRT403 Credits: 15.0

    26 Aug 2013: To provide students with in-depth knowledge of and the practical skills to develop, preserve and enhance amenity plants.

  5. Course code: NZCE330 Credits: 15.0|2|2|4|3|2|2

    19 Dec 2016: To enable students to understand the principles of electrical installation practices and associated legislation and standards.

  6. Course code: NZCE340 Credits: 15.0|6|3|6

    19 Dec 2016: To enable students to install and maintain electrical systems and equipment.

  7. Course code: BPAE405 Credits: 25.0

    18 Dec 2013: This course prepares people to work unsupervised and at an advanced level in the auto repair industry.

  8. Course code: NCCS406 Credits: 10.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to describe the types, and requirements, of building contracts and standard conditions of contracts and sub-contract agreements used in construction works; describe the tendering process and identify and describe the associated

  9. Course code: NZEE360 Credits: 15.0

    15 Dec 2016: To gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the New Zealand electricity supply system and devices used to ensure the safety and protection of users and installations.

  10. Course code: VPSI266 Credits: 2.0|2

    24 Feb 2016: To introduce students to the Service Sector industry and allow them to make an informed decision of a future study pathway.