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  1. Course code: ATCS350 Credits: 15.0

    1 Dec 2016: To enable students to describe how to fit out the interior of a building.

  2. Course code: CFMA200 Credits: 5.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to understand and carry out basic mathematical calculations with business and computing applications.

  3. Course code: DAB63311 Credits: 20.0

    26 Jun 2016: Students will understand the roles, functions and application of Human Resource Management processes within contemporary New Zealand organisations

  4. Course code: DAM510 Credits: 15.0

    4 Dec 2016: To extend the student's specialised knowledge and understanding of a range of digital media and graphic design tools, techniques, and processes through the investigation of graphic design practices. To further develop the students' technical skills

  5. Course code: DDAD515 Credits: 15.0

    21 Nov 2017: To enable students to experiment, explore and apply selected principles and elements of art and design to construct a visual language.

  6. Course code: DFGC602 Credits: 30.0

    3 Apr 2012: To broaden and extend students' knowledge of technologies, garment construction and manufacturing techniques which contribute to the creation of garments.

  7. Course code: MG5031 Credits: 15.0

    13 Aug 2015: To develop broad knowledge and understanding of professional engineering roles and activities and their interactions with society and the environment

  8. Course code: NFLM531 Credits: 5.0|5

    11 Aug 2015: Students will be able to develop strategies to establish and maintain positive workplace relationships in accordance with organisational requirements.

  9. Course code: NZCJ130 Credits: 15.0

    1 Dec 2016: To enable students to operate fixed machinery and use appropriate materials and documentation in the joinery industry

  10. Course code: NZCJ210 Credits: 11.0

    1 Dec 2016: To enable students to square dress and mould straight timberwork