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  1. Course code: BSOE606 Credits: 15.0

    15 May 2013: To further develop the professional skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to work effectively in an outdoor rereation / education / tourism organisation as a guide / instructor / educator.

  2. Course code: CFGC401 Credits: 30.0

    25 Jun 2012: To introduce the students to the basics of industrial garment construction and the application of this knowledge to the fashion industry.

  3. Course code: CITE402 Credits: 15.0

    20 Apr 2016: To enable students to build a multimedia web site using essential concepts of development and design

  4. Course code: CPCC6400 Credits: 2.0|2

    19 Nov 2015: The course is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to manage first aid in emergency situations

  5. Course code: CPCCWSGCSN Credits: 2.0

    19 Nov 2015: To provide students with an understanding of how to cater for children with special needs and the various support groups available to parents

  6. Course code: DWEB503 Credits: 15.0

    20 Apr 2016: To enable students to implement a web-based solution based on a pre-packaged system

  7. Course code: JIIC100 Credits: 58.0

    30 Jul 2014: To enable students to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to work under supervision and begin their apprenticeship in the Joinery industry.

  8. Course code: LIST502 Credits: 10.0

    21 Jun 2012: To provide students with the opportunity to improve their speaking and listening

  9. Course code: NCACCCD Credits: 8.0|3|5

    1 Dec 2015: Students will learn about normal behaviour, make comparisons with other species and understand anima/human relationships

  10. Course code: TPMU405 Credits: 15.0

    27 Jul 2014: Students will gain a thorough working knowledge of business practices within the music industry including the planning and management of music projects, promoting and distributing music, developing media packages and touring plans, communication and