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  1. Course code: MG7008 Credits: 15.0

    4 Feb 2016: To understand and appraise the effects of development on the natural and developed environments.

  2. Course code: MG7009 Credits: 15.0

    4 Feb 2016: To critically examine the ways of determining the impact of human endeavour upon the environment.

  3. Course code: AUEE137 Credits: 19.0

    18 Dec 2013:

  4. Course code: BDPH521 Credits: 15.0

    15 Sep 2015: To apply lighting in a studio environment to practical photographic projects, with emphasis on the visual language of advertising.

  5. Course code: CGE2387v6 Credits: 2.0|2

    25 Jan 2016: This unit standard is for use in the training of mechanical engineering trades or assembly workers, and covers straight forward assembly and adjustment of mechanical components under supervision

  6. Course code: CSSD101 Credits: 0.0

    14 Sep 2015: This course offers a further opportunity to enhance your sense of self worth. You will learn more about yourself and about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Ideal for clarifying your ideas and learning to care for yourself more

  7. Course code: GCAD700 Credits: 5.0

    17 May 2017: To enable Registered Nurses to further develop knowledge skills and practice relating to the nursing management of individuals requiring advanced cardio-respiratory monitoring and/or support.

  8. Course code: GCEN700 Credits: 5.0

    17 May 2017: To provide Registered Nurses working in the emergency setting an opportunity to further develop the knowledge and skills necessary to care for patients presenting acutely with cardio-respiratory conditions.

  9. Course code: HIST200 Credits: 15.0|15

    9 Sep 2015: To apply design principles to architectural projects, to illustrate the historical development of design principles, to explain the differences in design across cultures, and to describe the interaction of people with a built environment.

  10. Course code: HPSL228 Credits: 2.0|2

    8 Nov 2017: