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  1. Course code: CBTA401 Credits: 6.0

    18 Aug 2016: To give students an understanding and knowledge base of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how this relates to Beauty Therapy.

  2. Course code: DCPD700 Credits: 15.0

    14 Jul 2014: To enable students to design 3D parametric models and assemblies with a focus on effective manufacturing and value engineering.

  3. Course code: DICT410 Credits: 15.0

    15 Jul 2014: To provide students with various practical computing skills, and an understanding of safety and security issues in the computing environment.

  4. Course code: ANPC401 Credits: 15.0

    6 May 2015: To enable students to recognise and describe normal anatomy, physiology, and behaviour of animals while minimising discomfort and stress through the use of appropriate handling techniques.

  5. Course code: ANWS402 Credits: 15.0

    6 May 2015: To enable students to work professionally in a safe and sustainable manner, whilst providing best practice care for healthy companion animals (across a minimum of three species) in an animal facility.

  6. Course code: DCGI700 Credits: 15.0

    19 Feb 2016: To enable students to develop skills and knowledge in the principles and application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

  7. Course code: ITG14 Credits: 14.0

    23 Feb 2016: Students will be able to; locate major international destinations throughout the world, including gateways, tourist attractions and local languages; to understand climate, convert local

  8. Course code: LSAC200 Credits: 0.0

    14 Sep 2015: This is a guided, individualised learning programme. The tutor will plan a programme with you and help you choose your materials. You work by yourself, but the tutor is there to answer questions, correct work, help you find materials and check your

  9. Course code: HPSL228 Credits: 2.0|2

    8 Nov 2017:

  10. Course code: MG6003 Credits: 15.0

    8 Feb 2016: To develop an understanding of the organisational and legal framework within which engineering is carried out.