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  1. Course code: NZCJ390 Credits: 15.0

    1 Dec 2016: To enable students to plan an ergonomically designed kitchen

  2. Course code: SKLS105 Credits: 10.0

    15 Jul 2016: To enable students to develop an awareness of work ethic and personal employment options

  3. Course code: BRPP500 Credits: 10.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to gain an understanding of the ethical and professional responsibilities of the MRT and to develop communication and patient care skills required for safe and effective hospital practice.

  4. Course code: BRPP600 Credits: 10.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to further develop their communication and patient care skills.

  5. Course code: CMILVM212 Credits: 11.0|4|3|2|2

    18 Jan 2016: To acquire knowledge of and skills in general servicing requirements for light motor vehicles

  6. Course code: CAHEHH12 Credits: 7.0|4|3

    16 Nov 2016: This course covers basic heavy hydraulic systems and components

  7. Course code: ITTL350 Credits: 10.0

    7 Jan 2016: To enable students to operate securely and professionally in a digital environment.

  8. Course code: DE6419 Credits: 15.0

    15 Dec 2015: To develop a comprehensive understanding of modern maintenance management practices, strategies, and measures, and their links to maintenance performance, and to be able to develop a valid maintenance improvement plan.

  9. Course code: BHLM701 Credits: 15.0

    27 Mar 2017: To enable students to gain an understanding of how to achieve organisational effectiveness through the application of strategic leadership practices and management processes.

  10. Course code: CHC15 Credits: 7.0

    13 Jan 2016: To demonstrate knowledge and skill of foundation hair cutting