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  1. Course code: BMSH504 Credits: 15.0

    28 Aug 2017: To enable students to understand the implementation of the models of structure and function interrelationships that inform the osteopathic approach to manual therapy within the context of professional behavior.

  2. Course code: BSOE504 Credits: 15.0

    27 Jul 2012: To synthesise education and learning theories and principles when working with a variety of groups in the outdoors. To enhance professional, study and presentation skills.

  3. Course code: GCSS700 Credits: 5.0

    16 Dec 2015: To enable Registered Nurses to develop further skills in academic study.

  4. Course code: OSTE802 Credits: 15.0

    28 Aug 2017: To enable students to inquire into complex clinical problems within the context of co-morbidities, chronic pain and biopsychosocial frameworks and develop best practice patient centred solutions.

  5. Course code: ARME300 Credits: 8.0

    10 Jul 2012:

  6. Course code: ARSC200 Credits: 12.0

    10 Jul 2012:

  7. Course code: CRNS400 Credits: 10.0

    10 Jul 2012: This course will consist of theory reinforced with practical demonstrations and supervised practice in a classroom and workshop environment.

  8. Course code: ESAB100 Credits: 0.0

    16 Aug 2017: This course is to prepare the student for registration as an Electrical Service Technician 'A'

  9. Course code: MG7005 Credits: 15.0

    10 Dec 2012: To develop a professional understanding of urban wastewater and stormwater systems.

  10. Course code: TSCWCR Credits: 1.0

    25 Apr 2016: To achieve the required skills for the AS/NZS 2980:2007 (or replacement standards) welding qualification