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  1. Course code: GCCM700 Credits: 5.0

    12 May 2017: To enable Registered Nurses to safely handle and administer cytotoxic drugs.

  2. Course code: GCEN700 Credits: 5.0

    17 May 2017: To provide Registered Nurses working in the emergency setting an opportunity to further develop the knowledge and skills necessary to care for patients presenting acutely with cardio-respiratory conditions.

  3. Course code: GCNL700 Credits: 5.0

    12 May 2017: To enable Registered Nurses to further develop their knowledge of normal physiology, pathophysiology and the nursing assessment and management of people with leukaemia.

  4. Course code: HIST200 Credits: 15.0|15

    9 Sep 2015: To apply design principles to architectural projects, to illustrate the historical development of design principles, to explain the differences in design across cultures, and to describe the interaction of people with a built environment.

  5. Course code: MG5022 Credits: 15.0

    4 Feb 2016: To equip students with foundational object-oriented programming knowledge necessary for further in-depth study of computer related disciplines.

  6. Course code: DAM509 Credits: 15.0

    4 Dec 2016: To develop the student's practical skills and understanding of a selected range of digital media and graphic design processes through the exploration of visual art and design practices within the context of graphic design studio projects. To foster

  7. Course code: FNES201 Credits: 15.0

    21 Dec 2016: To enable students to develop a range of communication and interpersonal skills to participate effectively within society.

  8. Course code: MAOR602 Credits: 15.0

    22 May 2014: To develop an understanding of critical issues in the revitalisation and development of the Maori language and strategies to address gaps in that development.

  9. Course code: NFLM306 Credits: 3.0|3

    31 Aug 2015: People credited with this unit standard are able to select listening techniques, listen to gain information, and respond to information received. |This unit standard is for people who use listening in an interpersonal communication context.

  10. Course code: NZCJ120 Credits: 15.0

    1 Dec 2016: To enable students to use fixings, adhesives and sealants and to create basic sketches and working drawings