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  1. Course code: AEBS200 Credits: 14.0

    11 Dec 2013:

  2. Course code: BPAE321 Credits: 20.0|2|2|3|2|4|3|4|2|4

    17 Nov 2016: This course is designed to equip people with automotive related engineering skills and knowledge of vehicle transmissions and final drives.

  3. Course code: DISDL5PR203 Credits: 15.0

    12 Jan 2016: To gain an understanding of the significance of Database Management Systems (DBMS) in business and to acquire the knowledge and skills to design, develop, implement and use a commercial relational database business management system for a simplified

  4. Course code: FNPR204 Credits: 15.0

    21 Dec 2016: To enable students to explore identified goals for participation in future education.

  5. Course code: NCHL20559 Credits: 10.0|10

    12 Jan 2016: To provide students with knowledge and skills to successfully divide crowns, rhizomes, bulbs and corms; propagate from runners; and keep records of propagation by division

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    27 Feb 2018: Workplace Assessment 2018 Timetable Course code WPLT405. Programme code G21081. Occurrences Delivery structure Full day workshops dates Course end date. WPLT405-18-T1 Workplace Assessment. 1 x full day workshop work-based assessment task Start date

  7. Course code: BLJA502 Credits: 30.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to develop competence in using Japanese in everyday social situations and linguistically undemanding work situations. (CEFR A2)

  8. Course code: BLJA602 Credits: 30.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to develop competence in communicating in Japanese using increasingly sophisticated contexts. (CEFR B1)

  9. Course code: BLJA701 Credits: 30.0

    29 Jan 2013: To enable students to communicate in Japanese and to develop strategies for on-going, autonomous language acquisition in a range of authentic situations in both written and oral contexts. (CEFR B1 - B2)

  10. Course code: CGEu2471 Credits: 6.0|6

    24 Jan 2016: This unit standard covers welding of steel structures in the downhand positions to NZS 4711:1984, AS/NZS 2980:2007, or equivalent, using the manual metal arc welding (MMAW) process