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  1. Course code: DKIB102 Credits: 15.0

    2 Feb 2018: To develop the ability to think in a conceptual manner, apply design processes to problem solving and to develop skills and knowledge to present residential kitchen and bathroom design projects to clients in a professional manner.

  2. Course code: LABT710 Credits: 24.0

    22 May 2012: To provide students with work integrated learning and a structured work experience as a science technician or research assistant.

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    8 Sep 2016: All policies on InfoWeb are the current version. Please check date of this hard copy before proceeding. Disclosing Personal Information about Students &Staff 12/07/16 CPP109 Page 1 of 9. Corporate Policies &Procedures Section 1: General

  4. Course code: CBAB400 Credits: 30.0

    22 Jun 2014: To enable students to develop the range of skills and knowledge required to work effectively as an assistant in an artisan baking environment.

  5. Course code: DAB50013 Credits: 20.0

    24 Feb 2016: Students will understand financial statements and report and be able to analyse and interpret financial performance for sole traders and small companies.

  6. Course code: DAB60211 Credits: 20.0

    24 Feb 2016: Students will collect, interpret, present and use relevant management accounting information for an organisation to effectively plan, control and make appropriate decisions regarding business operations

  7. Course code: BRCA600 Credits: 10.0

    15 Apr 2015: To enable students to develop knowledge of body systems imaged using cross-sectional modalities and justify the appropriate clinical responses to associated pathology.

  8. Course code: APHD206 Credits: 2.0|2

    20 Apr 2015: To develop knowledge and skills in moulding the hair into elementary styles.

  9. Course code: AUAT138 Credits: 11.0

    17 Dec 2013:

  10. Course code: BCCM420 Credits: 15.0|0

    31 May 2017: To enable students to learn theory and practice of journalism, scripting and story-telling, particularly as it relates to online journalism.