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  1. Course code: DTEC502 Credits: 15.0

    20 Apr 2016: To enable students to apply broad operational knowledge of database administration to meet typical organisational data storage and retrieval requirements

  2. Course code: MG6019 Credits: 15.0

    10 Dec 2012: To extend the students' knowledge and programming skills for PLCs, using advanced PLC control techniques. To introduce the concepts of automation, networking and network programming.

  3. Course code: CABT501 Credits: 15.0

    25 Jun 2012: To provide students with the opportunity to build capability in the self management of their physical training programme; Build on their understanding and application of body awareness and conditioning disciplines and exercises.

  4. Course code: CACS600 Credits: 55.0

    25 Jun 2012: To provide opportunities for students to undertake specialised circus skills training in selected areas drawn from
    acrobatics, aerials, equilibristics and juggling.

  5. Course code: JZRT720 Credits: 15.0

    26 Jun 2012: The purpose of this course is to enable learners to apply independent learning skills within a chosen career speciality and to enable learners to design, manage, complete and evaluate a negotiated research study.

  6. Course code: MAOR014 Credits: 0.0

    26 Jun 2012: This course supports parents and caregivers of young children to introduce Maori language into the home and other environments through the use of Kiwaha and Whakatauki, and to raise awareness of the role of Kiwaha within the Maori language and

  7. Course code: MHSW420 Credits: 17.0

    26 Jun 2012: The student will be able to identify and integrate knowledge, skills and values in workplace situations in support of mental health consumers/tangata whai ora. The student will also be able to network in the community and support a consumer/tangata

  8. Course code: VPSI272 Credits: 2.0|5

    14 Aug 2018: To introduce students to the Service Sector industry and allow them to make an informed decision of a future study pathway

  9. Course code: CTTC201 Credits: 18.0|4|4|4|3|3

    29 Oct 2015: To enable students to learn about how art is communicated.

  10. Course code: HSS310 Credits: 5.0|3

    30 Aug 2016: To develop knowledge of the process and basic principles involved in neutralising chemical reformation services