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  1. Course code: BCCM600 Credits: 15.0

    27 Aug 2017: To enable students to apply knowledge, skills and understanding of foundation methods, structural systems, building envelope and the interior to the construction of commercial buildings.

  2. Course code: BPAS612 Credits: 15.0

    14 Nov 2017: To enable students to extend their vocal technique and perform with artistry and musicianship.

  3. Course code: BQME500 Credits: 15.0

    30 Aug 2017: To enable the student to develop the skills and knowledge to assemble quantity surveying documentation and measure schedules of quantities for a residential building project.

  4. Course code: CGAS409 Credits: 19.0|5|6|4|5

    6 Apr 2018: To enable students to install LPG cylinder systems, flueless gas appliances and record variations.

  5. Course code: DE5408 Credits: 15.0

    3 Dec 2015: To introduce the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet and other computer networks and to enbable students to build simple LAN.

  6. Course code: WPLT403 Credits: 5.0

    29 Jul 2012: To develop understandings and skills of ICT in teaching and learning. This practical course will introduce and build skills in ICT in the context of learning and teaching, providing participants with enhanced practical skills for working

  7. Course code: DXES500 Credits: 15.0

    15 Mar 2017: To enable students to measure and estimate costs for inclusion in tenders for small building projects.

  8. Course code: DXPG600 Credits: 15.0

    15 Mar 2017: To enable the student to effectively programme and monitor activities, resources and contingencies for a medium building.

  9. Course code: VPSI272 Credits: 2.0|5

    14 Aug 2018: To introduce students to the Service Sector industry and allow them to make an informed decision of a future study pathway

  10. Course code: BIII701 Credits: 15.0

    26 Nov 2012: To facilitate and develop the knowledge and understanding of the representation of normal and abnormal features in the plain radiograph.