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  1. Course code: CORF403 Credits: 6.0

    17 Oct 2017: For the student to develop knowledge and practice in risk management principles for recreating in the outdoors.

  2. Course code: DICT540 Credits: 15.0

    21 Nov 2016: To enable students to create applications by applying fundamental programming concepts.

  3. Course code: GCAA700 Credits: 5.0

    12 May 2017: To enable Registered Nurses to further develop their knowledge of assessment processes within the domain of aged care.

  4. Course code: DISDL5SE101 Credits: 15.0

    12 Jan 2016: To introduce students to using an object-oriented modelling methodology to plan and produce an information system

  5. Course code: DISDL5SE102 Credits: 15.0

    12 Jan 2016: To introduce students to further analysis and design techniques, and apply them in
    implementation and development

  6. Course code: NCGS16702 Credits: 3.0|3

    11 Jan 2016: Students will be able to describe a special-type roller vehicle and the legal requirements relating to driving the vehicle on the road; describe driving procedures and general considerations for driving a special-type roller vehicle safely on a road;

  7. Course code: NCGS1840913 Credits: 4.0|4

    11 Jan 2016: Students will be able to identify a powered industrial lift truck (PILT) safety cage and prepare to use a safety platform for a specified task on a worksite; complete pre-operational checks, and fit and remove safety platform to and from a PILT; and

  8. [PDF]

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    2 Dec 2016: Programme code: CH3694 Programme name: Certificate in Fitness. Applying for: Full time Part time (please circle). Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health. Supporting documentation to be supplied. Academic Evidence provided (certified copy)

  9. Course code: CFIP400 Credits: 15.0

    1 Nov 2016: To introduce students to the working environment and operational requirements of industry.

  10. Course code: CSCP301 Credits: 15.0

    27 Apr 2017: To enable students to develop and apply a range of skills for furthering study and career options.