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  1. Course code: CPMT404 Credits: 15.0

    16 Dec 2015: To enable students to assist with the management of resources and suppliers necessary to achieve project objectives

  2. Course code: CTAC203 Credits: 12.0

    25 Aug 2014: To enable the student to gain an understanding of workplace communication. This will include working as a group, being assertive, how to manage time, and coping with stress. |To prepare the student for employment application within the animal care

  3. Course code: DSEM500 Credits: 15.0

    26 Jun 2012: To enable the student to describe the interactions between microorganisms and plants, discuss the roles, activity and measurement of soil microorganisms, describe and assess the microbial quality of water, and discuss the roles of microorganisms in

  4. Course code: FTEP513 Credits: 10.0

    14 Dec 2015: To provide students with an understanding of the science of exercise physiology and the ability to provide a training solution to a wide range of client situations.

  5. Course code: GCHI700 Credits: 5.0

    16 Dec 2015: To enable Registered Nurses to understand and effectively respond to mental health and illness issues faced by people accessing their services.

  6. Course code: GCST700 Credits: 5.0

    16 Dec 2015: To enable Registered Nurses to further develop their knowledge and understanding related to a specific area of nursing practice.

  7. Course code: GCUL700 Credits: 5.0

    16 Dec 2015: This course introduces the Registered Nurse to the models and principles that underpin and inform the ideas/theory called cultural safety. You will be encouraged to begin exploring the complexity and centrality of 'culture', which includes issues of

  8. Course code: GCVV700 Credits: 5.0

    16 Dec 2015: To enable registered Nurses to further develop the knowledge and skills related to effective practice in the assessment and management of cardiovascular risk.

  9. Course code: NCHL321028 Credits: 10.0|10

    15 Dec 2015: To provide students with knowledge and skills to prepare an area for planting; plant trees, shrubs, and climbing plants; and care for newly planted trees, shrubs, and climbing plants

  10. Course code: NZDB469 Credits: 20.0

    9 Dec 2015: Students will recognise the skills of vocabulary acquisition and use, reading, note taking, critical thinking, writing and oral presentation in a business context.