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  1. Course code: DSBC500 Credits: 15.0

    26 Jun 2012: To describe and analyse a variety of biological molecules, describe organic reaction mechanisms, devise and carry out simple organic chemistry transformation schemes, and extract and purify protein.

  2. Course code: DSCP400 Credits: 15.0

    26 Jun 2012: To provide the student with basic theory and practical techniques in organic chemistry, pH measurement and titrimetric analysis.

  3. Course code: DWEB503 Credits: 15.0

    20 Apr 2016: To enable students to implement a web-based solution based on a pre-packaged system

  4. Course code: JIIC100 Credits: 58.0

    30 Jul 2014: To enable students to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to work under supervision and begin their apprenticeship in the Joinery industry.

  5. Course code: LIST502 Credits: 10.0

    21 Jun 2012: To provide students with the opportunity to improve their speaking and listening

  6. Course code: NCACCCD Credits: 8.0|3|5

    1 Dec 2015: Students will learn about normal behaviour, make comparisons with other species and understand anima/human relationships

  7. Course code: SCMI601 Credits: 15.0

    26 Jun 2012: At the end of this course students will be able to describe the positive and negative interactions between microorganisms and animals, describe microbial food spoilage and its detection and prevention, and describe the metabolic rates and large

  8. Course code: TPMU405 Credits: 15.0

    27 Jul 2014: Students will gain a thorough working knowledge of business practices within the music industry including the planning and management of music projects, promoting and distributing music, developing media packages and touring plans, communication and

  9. Course code: MATH548 Credits: 20.0

    14 Jun 2012: To equip students with a range of mathematical concepts and skills intended to promote mathematical maturity.

  10. Course code: AMWD500 Credits: 15.0

    5 Nov 2012: To introduce students to Internet technologies and web authoring using HTML, the essential tools to create and manage web-related solutions for business issues, such as standard text editors or advanced editorial tools, multimedia and cascading