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  1. Course code: MG7026 Credits: 15.0

    4 Feb 2016: To enable students to learn and apply the principles and processes of Risk Management in the context of engineering and business management.

  2. Course code: ATCS340 Credits: 15.0

    1 Dec 2016: To enable students to discuss the importance of weathertight cladding systems and demonstrate weathertight cladding concepts.

  3. Course code: BMUS520 Credits: 15.0

    15 Dec 2016: To enable students to learn about the fundamentals of Western Music.

  4. Course code: CDWP600 Credits: 15.0

    23 Aug 2015: To enable students to actively engage in an applied science workplace, and critically reflect on their experience.

  5. Course code: GCPO700 Credits: 5.0

    20 Sep 2017: To enable Registered Nurses to further develop their knowledge in relation to provision of care for infants, children and adolescents experiencing oncological conditions in partnership with their family/whānau.

  6. Course code: HDES408 Credits: 15.0

    28 Jan 2018: Students will work collaboratively to produce an event showcasing their long hair creative designs. A designer that sees and thinks of the client's final image.

  7. Course code: MAOR609 Credits: 15.0

    22 May 2014: To introduce students to core concepts of oral tradition, mythology and the evolution of Maori thought by looking at Ngai Tahu and their own tribal oral traditions.

  8. Course code: PESF434 Credits: 15.0

    29 Jan 2013:

  9. Course code: VTCM300 Credits: 8.0

    28 Nov 2013: To provide opportunities for students to improve their self management and communication skills in the workplace.

  10. Course code: BPAE320 Credits: 20.0|2|3|1|2|2|2|5|4|2|3

    17 Nov 2016: This course provides skills and knowledge to service a vehicle to industry standards.