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    22 Mar 2018: All policies on InfoWeb are the current version. Please check date of this hard copy before proceeding. cpp301 travel16.doc 13/9/16 CPP301 Page 1 of 7. Corporate Policies &Procedures Finance - Document CPP301. Corporate Travel First Produced:

  2. Short course Course code: MWCB700 Credits: 10.0

    24 Jan 2017: To enable midwives who have taken a break of more than eight years from practice with the knowledge required to achieve the Competencies for Entry to the Register of Midwives pertaining to pregnancy, physiological birth and the postnatal period.

  3. Programme code: CH3974 Level: 7 Credits: 360

    Our comprehensive degree provides you with the skills to become both a confident speaker and writer of the Japanese language

  4. Programme code: AO3228 Level: 4 Credits: 120

    Gain the skills and knowledged needed to launch a career as a beauty therapy professional.

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    3 Aug 2018: All policies on the InfoWeb are the current version. Please check date of this hard copy before proceeding. Self-Assessment 1/06/17 APP704 Page 1 of 5. Academic Policies &Procedures Academic Procedures – Document APP704. Self-Assessment First

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    15 Aug 2018: BOOKING AN IELTS TEST To sit an IELTS test, you need to make a booking online. You can use any device with internet access to make your booking. How to book an IELTS test. 1 | Before you start: • Scan your passport to show your

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    15 Feb 2018: Services &Facilities Academic Records N Admissions and Enrolment X Tamesa ID Card/Security X Bennetts Bookshop C Career Centre X Centre of Assessment for Prior Learning (CAPL). S. Childcare Facilities CH Citizens Advice Bureau HS Disability Services L

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    25 Jul 2018: Attachment to APP301 Student Rights and Responsibilities Student Rights and Responsibilities 1/4/16 APP301a Page 1 of 2. Academic Policies &Procedures General Academic – Document APP301a. Student Rights and. Responsibilities. Tamesa Institute of

  9. Course code: BCIT351 Credits: 15.0

    11 Oct 2018:

  10. Tamesa Music Arts Graduate Johnny Lawrence ’s journey as a musician started with his father, a classical pianist in Christchurch. Originally a guitarist, the bass became Johnny’s primary instrument after joining his father’s band. “I eventually