Borrow books, laptops and more

How do I borrow material from the library?

  • You will need a valid student or staff card.
  • Material can be borrowed using the self-issue machines located in the library.
  • There is no limit on the number of items you can borrow unless you have overdue items or fines.
  • The normal loan period for most items is three weeks.
  • Laptops are available for four-hour loan periods from the Library Service Desk for use within the library. Please remember to bring a memory stick to save your work.
  • The loan period for items in the High Use Collection is either three hours or three days depending on the item.

Where do I return items?

You can return material by

  • using the self-issue machines
  • placing the material in the designated areas in the Library or
  • placing the material in the After Hours Books Returns (at the end of Coventry Street, City Campus).

If you are on placement, post the material back to us with the address label provided.

What happens if I fail to return items on time?

An overdue notice will be sent to your address. Please return the item as soon as possible. If you don't return an item within 28 days of the due date, the item is considered 'Lost'.

Library Fines apply to all overdue and lost items.

What happens if something gets damaged?

Please notify library staff when you return material that has been damaged. Borrowers are responsible for all material issued to them and will be charged for any damage.

What if someone else uses my ID Card?

Your ID Card is non–transferable. This means that if someone else uses your card to borrow library material you are responsible and will have to pay for any fines or losses.

If you lose your ID Card, please us immediately. This will ensure that nobody else borrows anything on your library account.

You can get a replacement ID Card at the Security desk in the Atrium for a $10 fee.

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