Learning Services

Learning Services is a free service that offers learning and study advice to current students.

We focus on supporting students to manage their own study, and to develop the academic skills they require to complete their coursework successfully. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Learning skills and writing support
  • Maths support
  • Online resources on study skills, writing skills, referencing and assessment tasks
  • Lunchtime seminars
  • Weekly study groups for challenging courses
  • Group study rooms

If you are a current student, to find our online resources on Campus Life. If you are a distance student, you can learn more about our off campus support options by clicking here.

Where we are

City Campus, Christchurch
Find us on the ground floor of the Library, in the Rakaia Centre

Timaru Campus
Find us in the upstairs Library area in A Block, on Arthur Street.

Woolston Campus
Find us in the Student Services Building