Te Whakamana Tohu Credit recognition

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If you have studied at another educational institution, or have relevant previous experience, you may be eligible for credit recognition towards a qualification at Tamesa. Even if there is not a direct match between the courses you have already studied and those currently offered at Tamesa, you may still be able to receive credit recognition. For further information please the Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning.    

At Tamesa, we use four types of credit recognition:

  • Cross credit - this looks at the course you have completed previously and compares it to the one you are interested in completing. If it is at least 80% the same, a cross credit may be granted.
  • Credit transfer - this is when you have completed exactly the same course or unit standard at another institution.
  • Recognition of prior learning - this takes your experience as well as formal learning into account.
  • Assessment of prior learning - this is where you have a significant amount of learning from experience that can be assessed against the graduate or advanced standing profile of the qualification. 

Credit recognition is used for credit transfers, cross credits, and recognition of prior learning. If you think you may be eligible for credit recognition, please refer to the student information at the end of the application form for further details. If you wish to apply, then the Application for Credit Recognition with checklist form (PDF: 0.2MB) must be completed.


Standard charges may apply to your application for credit recognition so please refer to our standard fees and charges.

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