Youth Guarantee students exceed expectations

Youth Guarantee students exceed expectations

CPIT’s Youth Guarantee Showcase at Te Puna Wanaka opened with a resounding haka last week from the TOA Sports students, setting the tone for an upbeat celebration of the students’ success in 2011.

“The events of 2011 have touched us all but the achievements of the Youth Guarantee students have been a highlight. They have exceeded our expectations.” Youth Guarantee Manager Jan Connelly said.

Many of the 118 Youth Guarantee students, who are aged from 16 to 17 years old, joined the programme because they were disillusioned with secondary school. Youth Guarantee allows these students to work toward skills qualifications.

Students from different courses spoke about their experiences and how Youth Guarantee had opened new options for them. Student Tyla Lilley-Currey from the Certificate in Caring, said that secondary school hadn’t met her needs and many of her classmates felt the same way. “Here at CPIT you don’t get judged for past behaviour. I had a work placement in a rest home and I had no experience with the elderly – I was terrified of hurting them, but soon I was talking to them and feeding them.

“Thanks so much for giving us a chance.”

Katarina Hale from TOA sports had a similar story to tell. “For me school wasn’t the best thing and TOA was the last resort but it has made me realise what I want to do. It is a great course and I want to thank the Youth Guarantee programme.”

Tutors related their experiences working with Youth Guarantee students and the satisfaction of seeing these students find their direction and work towards their potential. The students are treated as adults and must take responsibility for their own behaviour, but tutors also help them to adjust to the tertiary environment.

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