Youth Guarantee inspires student to pursue dream career

Youth Guarantee inspires student to pursue dream career

CPIT first year Bachelor of Applied Management student Tasha Johnson-Wosley is embarking on the trip of her dreams this August. She will live and study on a four month scholarship at the prestigious Chungnam National University in Korea.

Her goal is to teach English overseas when she graduates and she sees the scholarship as an exciting next step towards her career. “I am so grateful for this opportunity. This trip will be an amazing life experience and I can’t wait to see what Korea is really like” she says.


Tasha has wanted to teach English internationally for a long time. After leaving High School to travel to America, she developed a passion for travelling and wanted to start on her pathway to a career that would take her around the world.

With an interest in business, travel and teaching, Tasha decided to enrol in the Youth Guarantee Computing and Business Administration programme at CPIT. “I didn’t want to go back to High School but I wanted to be able to get a qualification. Youth Guarantee was perfect for me,” she says.

Through Youth Guarantee Tasha’s computer skills improved dramatically and she became interested in studying Business further. “I could barely turn a computer on when I started and by the end of the year I was at Level 3 in Excel and Word. The programme showed me that I could really do the things I set my mind on,” she says.

Tasha made the decision to progress into a Bachelor’s Degree this year, which will allow her to teach English language in High Schools overseas. She was nervous to begin with but has been impressed by her progress so far. “I had this idea that a three year Bachelor would be a struggle, but it’s not. My past study has set me up well and I enjoy learning now. I know where I am going,” she says.

When the opportunity to apply for the scholarship to Korea came up, Tasha jumped at the chance.  The classes she takes in Korea will be cross-credited back to CPIT but what Tasha will value most is the experience.

 “Learning is not all about studying. Experiencing things is important too,” she says. “I feel like I am really on my way to where I want to go now.”

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