The beauty of having a fashion school next door

The beauty of having a fashion school next door

When CPIT Fashion technology students lined up for make-overs Wednesday morning they didn’t have to go far. Aoraki Polytechnic’s School of Hairdressing and Beauty moved in next door to CPIT’s School of Fashion on High Street in February in what can only be described as a match made in heaven.

The collaboration gave the fashion students the chance to try out ‘looks’ for their models for the FORM fashion show at the Colombo next month, while Aoraki students practised their skills and ticked off a category for their makeup assessments.


CPIT School of Fashion students trial make up looks for their upcoming FORM fashion show courtesy of Aoraki make up students who have moved in next door

The hairdressing and beauty school moved out of its premises at Science Alive on Moorhouse Avenue after the earthquakes and was temporarily located in Hornby.

Aoraki Polytechnic tutor Nirvana Liddell said it was good to be back in the city. “We are really happy with the location and we now have hair, beauty and fashion in the same block.

“We are inundated with clients, which we didn’t have in Hornby. We are turning them away. And our short course in beauty skills has gone from three a year occurrences to five.”

Hairdressing and beauty are two Aoraki Polytechnic programmes that have found a home at CPIT following closer collaboration between the two institutes. 

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