Study abroad students give CPIT seal of approval

Study abroad students give CPIT seal of approval

German study abroad students Valentina Schmitz 

On top of the world. In addition to learning new study skills, German study abroad student Valentina Schmitz got to see some of New Zealand's most famous spots.

Hard work has translated into awards for study abroad students from Germany, who will scoop the pool in the CPIT Bachelor of Applied Management awards this year.
CPIT hosted 18 of these study abroad students in semester one, who were undertaking study as part of the institute's partnership with three universities in Germany. A total of 49 prizes were awarded across the programme, with seven of the German students tipped to win 10 of them, CPIT International Director Beth Knowles said.
"They were great students and incredibly hard working. The applied nature of study at CPIT with projects and assessments rather than just doing the exams that they're used to at their home universities was new to them and something they thrived on."
Study abroad student Valentina Schmitz of EBC Hochschule University in Düsseldorf said German universities did not offer multiple assessments in each course to collect a grade throughout the semester. She was also used to a more formal style of education.
"In Germany you address your teacher by using the second person plural and you only write one exam at the end of the semester.  One of the best things about CPIT and New Zealand was getting to know a different institute and different styles of learning to support your study."
Schmitz said she had also enjoyed meeting people from different countries and discovering new places while improving her English writing skills.
CPIT's Department of Business head Teresa Schwellnus said while teaching styles varied between the countries, the curriculum standard was the same.
"Business graduates need to be able to thrive in a variety of cultural contexts so it makes it almost imperative that students seek global education initiatives.  Actually studying abroad and taking advantage of these opportunities is very important in today's business and academic world."
CPIT had also reciprocated by sending students to Germany. The institute also hoped to introduce business competitions with its European partners as well as projects for overseas companies, Schwellnus said.
An awards ceremony would be held on Thursday December 17.
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