Students ripe with talent

Students ripe with talent

A strait-jacket showing the frustration of insomnia and artworks made from quake-damaged homes are among works from CPIT’s Bachelor of Design students opening November 12 in the atrium.

RIPE, an exhibition of the best works from students specialising in applied visual art, multi-media design and visual communication, will be on display until November 21 at CPIT as part of the Creative Festival.

Third-year visual art student Clare Holmes is a qualified nurse and decided to base her works around sleep disorders.

One of three of her garments on display at RIPE, a screen-printed straitjacket entitled Disturbed, represents sleep disruption.

“I’ve screen printed it with an image of sleeping pill packets,” she explains. “The arms hang down by the sides to show an exhausted weighed down feeling, while the straitjacket restraints are about how uncomfortable it is when you can’t sleep.”

Holmes found the issue of sleep disorders fascinating to explore through her artworks, particularly as many people were experiencing sleep problems as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes.

She has explored different types of sleep disturbance, from insomnia to people self-medicating with alcohol in an attempt to sleep better.

straitjacket image

Clare Holmes strait-jacket piece for Creative Festival's RIPE Exhibition.

“From my experience as a nurse I find medical topics a source of inspiration. It’s been interesting to explore sleep disorders through my work.”

Fellow third year student Philip Hart has based his works at RIPE around a group of children in Paraguay, called the Landfill Harmonic, who use dumped rubbish to create musical instruments.

“I saw it online and I thought it would be an interesting concept to explore, especially in Christchurch as so much is being demolished,” Hart says. “I’m looking at how materials still have a value even when people throw them away or view them as waste.”

The materials he has used in his work, entitled The Re-claimed Orchestra, were recycled from quake-damaged houses in Christchurch.

Bachelor of Design programme co-ordinator Bing Dawe says this year’s RIPE exhibition boasts “a strong group of talented students”. He encourages visitors to come down and have a look at their works.

“We have a huge cross section of artistic applications on display. The students have put a lot of effort in so it would be great to see some support for them.”

The Creative Festival runs from November 12 until December 2. RIPE will be at the Rakaia Centre, Madras St Campus, from November 12 until November 21.