Students realise new career path after earthquakes

Students realise new career path after earthquakes

Yuki Hasegawa and Lisa Abe

CPIT students Yuki Hasegawa and Lisa Abe are using their earthquake experiences to begin on a new career path, learning English with the aim of becoming international disaster relief volunteers.

Yuki and Lisa have been through two major earthquakes this year. They both came to CPIT at the beginning of 2011 to improve their English. They only had one day on their course before the February earthquake struck and their families called them back to Japan. Shortly after arriving home the Japan earthquake hit, disrupting their studies once again.

Where many students may have found the challenges too great, Yuki and Lisa discovered a new passion for helping people and have both recently returned to Christchurch to continue their English language studies with the aim of assisting with disaster relief around the world.

“We both wanted to come back to CPIT because we want to learn English so we can help people. Even though we were only here a short time to begin with, we wanted to support Christchurch,” Lisa says.

Yuki and Lisa will study at CPIT for the next 6 months before returning to Japan to finish their degrees in policy and sport. They are already enjoying their new friends and classes and their English is improving by the day. “We like it here and we are glad we can carry on with our studies at CPIT,” Yuki says.