Students have fun sharing languages over lunch

Students have fun sharing languages over lunch


Coray Crockett-Hunt, Helen Hyun Joo Chung and Ceiridwen Davies enjoy conversation over sushi.

CPIT’s Japanese and English language students shared stories and languages over sushi on Friday 18 November to celebrate the completion of their courses for the year. The lunchtime event was the final in a series of informal activities for the students, aimed at improving their language skills through interaction.

Student’s from the Certificate in Japanese and Japanese students learning English at CPIT have met once a month throughout the year as an opportunity to practice their languages together, usually conversing over a set topic. CPIT’s International Education Account Representative, Tim Hayashi, said that the meetings are a great opportunity for students to learn from one another. “They can experience Japanese and English in a real life setting and have real, dynamic conversations,” he said.

The event on Friday saw students and staff sample home-made sushi and sweets while talking in both English and Japanese about their exciting experiences over the past year. Staff also took the opportunity to celebrate students’ academic achievement and perseverance. “Our students deserve high praise for their achievements during this year and we congratulate them all on their progress,” Hayashi said.