Students' films in quirky caravan

Students' films in quirky caravan

The caravan is circa ‘60s, but the beanbags and technology are definitely this decade. The combination of retro and contemporary creates a setting for the 10 minute loop of films by CPIT’s New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) students that is quirky, comfortable and quite relaxing.

FLICK opened at the Madras Street Campus this week and the caravan will be parked outside the Rakaia Centre until 15 November.  The event is free and part of CPIT’s Creative Festival.

Inside of Flick's caravan

The variety of material shown is appealing, edited as it is from the best of NZBS students’ short film and television productions, including dramas, music videos and documentaries. Expect a cross section of work from the NZBS’ Broadcasting and Digital Video Post-production programmes.

The caravan is a respite from the city, a little holiday in the midst of study and work and of course a sneak peek into the future of broadcasting and filmmaking in New Zealand. For those interested in a career in these areas, FLICK is a must-see. 

Open from 10am-5pm (12-5pm Sunday), behind the Rakaia Centre, Madras Street Campus, CPIT.

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